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Where are the classics?

March 21st, 2006

I was listening to the local Classic Rock station the other day and it made me wonder, what are today’s Metal/Hard Rock classics? Every now and then the station will play songs like RATT “Round and Round,” Billy Idol “Rebel Yell,” Whitesnake “Still of the Night” or Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Man it’s so hard remembering these tunes came out twenty years ago! Talk about feeling old (I’m 35 this month)!

I’m not saying the song(s) would have to play on the radio to be a “classic” either, don’t get me wrong. For example I consider Metallica “Master of Puppets,” Queensryche “I Don’t Believe in Love,” Crimson Glory “Lady of Winter” and Dream Theater “Pull Me Under” to be classics in their own right. If you want to get more obscure I could pull tunes from albums by Fifth Angel, Sword or Malice as well!

So, what makes a “classic?” For me, it’s a song that changed the perception I had of a certain genre, or that redefined any stereotypes I may have had in my mind about a genre. Also, it could be a song that is just so darn good you can’t help but consider it classic. There are quite a few bands out today that I think are creating classic material in their own way. Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Symphony X, Shadow Gallery, Ayreon, Lost Horizon; these are bands that immediately come to mind as I write this.

Is your band striving to create classic material, or are you content to just add to what’s already out there?

If you aren’t in a band, what bands/songs coming out these days would you consider classic?

4 Responses to “Where are the classics?”

  1. MetalHead13 Says:

    I listen to hair nation myself,they play all the favorites I grew up with pretty much.

  2. A Dark In The Light Says:

    Our band is trying to add to what’s out there because that feels like all we can do. To say that we’re trying to create classics would be like a person who wants to become popular saying they want to be popular. It’s not really up to them, is it? They have to be liked.

    I think that time can only tell what will be consdered classic.

    The environments that produced many of the metal megoliaths of yesteryear have changed, and in many ways dissipated, to be replaced by online communities like this. I think the coming years will see a vaster and vaster proliferation of bands, and fewer and fewer bands with mainstream popularity.

    It’s always amazing to me to see the bands that are headlining major-label metal tours. Often they’re bands like Godsmack and Staind - relative dinosaurs in the fast-moving world of metal. The bands that are really pushing metal in new directions, and as you say, “defining the genre” are under the radar of major labels. The effect is that outsiders think that metalheads give a fuck about Godsmack, when most of us actually don’t.

  3. A Dark In The Light Says:

    In short, I wonder which - if any - of the really exciting young metal bands out there will ever reach the status of “classic”.

  4. terrance Says:

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