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Mailing List Etiquette

March 15th, 2006

We went through forum etiquette with the previous post, now let’s talk about mailing list etiquette. The reason I decided to make this the next subject for the MetalAges blog is because I am currently dealing with a knucklehead band and am trying to get off of their mailing list.

Attention all bands. I, and many other site owners/people/labels etc., can appreciate the fact that you are trying to promote yourselves via any and all ways. However, there comes a time when you cross the line and your band falls into the category known as “annoying rumps.” I’ll use this current band as my example and explain. Note, I will not give their name as I don’t want to give them any extra publicity, so from this point forward they are known as The Annoying Rumps.

Somehow I ended up on The Annoying Rumps mailing list. I’m usually very aware of whos and whats mailing list I sign up on, this one I am confident I did not sign up for.

Tip #1: Do not automatically add a person, site, label, etc. to your mailing list. Ask their permission. It doesn’t take much effort and you will immediately gain the respect of the entity you are asking whether or not they accept your offer, they appreciate you asking.

In addition to now being on The Annoying Rumps mailing list I am now faced with trying to get off of it but there are no links to let me unsubscribe. Joy! I should also add that there are not just one list I was subscribed to, but two (or more?!) lists from this same band.

Tip #2: If you are going to run a mailing list, run a proper mailing list. Do not use an Outlook list, do not BCC (blind carbon copy) 20, 50, 500 people, do not CC (carbon copy)20, 50, 500 people. Run a mailing list with a program that is specifically designed for this purpose. There are a ton of them out there. Personally, I use PHPList. Keyword, it’s FREE! I know bands like that word! If you want to get even more professional and have a few extra bucks (lots of additional features) then check out VerticalResponse. When you run a proper mailing list it gives the subscriber (or in this case the person who never intended to be subscribed) the opportunity to unsubscribe using links at the bottom of the email.

So here I am, faced with having to contact The Annoying Rumps and get off their list. Joy! I email them and nicely ask to be removed from their list. I never hear back. I get another email in the meantime promoting some new shows or something of theirs. I email them again, asking nicely, to be removed. I never hear back, yet I receive another email a couple days later (heck, it may have been THE next day). No reply. A few days later, here comes another email. You get the picture. It’s incredibly frustrating at this point, and you can bet your butt I will not promote, purchase or do jack to help this band at any point in the future! Luckily I run my own dedicated server so my next step will be to ask them one more time, not so nicely, and if they continue to send me emails…well, I will just block them from my server completely (along with about 50 other band/music sites).

Tip #3: Do not ignore unsubscribe requests if you were inconsiderate enough to manually add someone to your list. Karma will bite you in the ass!

While I was preparing this blog post for the site…guess what I received from yet another band? A mailing list email! A band whos list I did not sign up for that has decided I must receive their emails. This is the absolute worst kind too, a CC email. I can see every single person this was sent to. Absolutely ridiculous. What could make this worse? I received three of the same email! Lord have mercy!

UPDATE: Right after I posted this, guess what?! Another band who added me to their list. A BCC list - and of course, to make it worse, I received two copies!

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