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Wow, I never saw the day that the band Disturbed would be the topic of my first music related post here at MetalAges. However, it is very relevant to what just happened to me this week…I bought my first digital album from iTunes!

I had purchased tracks here and there before, but had always said that I would never buy a full digital album. I’m one of those guys who likes to have that physical piece of plastic and paper in my hands when I get a new album. However, lately I find myself more and more sitting at the computer and looking to quickly (and easily) access the album I want to listen to, and at a moments notice. I have a lot of my collection ripped to my computer and my CDs are mostly sitting upstairs collecting dust.

The digital purchase all came about because I was searching my iTunes for a band and noticed that one of the search choices was to filter the search by booklet. “By booklet?!” I said to myself. Another key reason I had stayed away from digital downloads is that I like to read the lyrics/liner notes. If iTunes were going to now have downloadable booklets, I wondered how that would possibly change my opinion. So, what the heck! I started browsing the iTunes store and came across the Disturbed album ‘Ten Thousand Fists,’ and it had a booklet and a bonus video. I had listened to a few tracks from their new album and actually liked them quite a bit. So, I made the purchase.

I have to say, so far I haven’t regretted my purchase. The booklet came in PDF format and is easily accessible right from the iTunes playlist, grouped right along side the audio tracks. The same goes for the video. One day I envision iTunes integrating the whole booklet/lyrics, etc. into their interface somehow. That would definitely sway my opinion even more towards digital downloads.

What about the album itself? Awesome! I love it actually. I think I’ve listened to it twenty times so far. I posted about Disturbed over at my Ultimate Metal forums, suffice to say, it has generated a nice heated debate amongst the wide array of metal fans there :-) . I urge you to decide for yourself by heading over to the Disturbed web site and listening to a few tunes in their music jukebox (top left). Start with the track “Guarded” if you want to hear my favorite song from the album. I find Disturbed have gotten away from the bit of “Nu-Metal” sound they had on their first album. ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ is a great example of a next generation metal band who aren’t afraid to steer away from the “Nu” sound - I think they’ve succeeded with their tweaked musical formula. Allez Cuisine!
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Watch the Disturbed video for “Striken” below, enjoy!

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